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Our Dragon’s Blood is extracted from the Croton Lechleri Tree in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. 100% pure.

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Our Dragon’s Blood is extracted from the Croton Lechleri Tree in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. 100% pure.

This is an extraordinary natural resin, with many healing properties. Anti-acne, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, also promotes hair growth and can be bundled with any of our oils. Original World Beauty decided to sell the pure version of Dragon’s Blood resin because it is not oil soluble, we’d have to formulate with water in order to put it in a serum or make a lotion (coming soon!). We are delighted to offer the pure resin so our customers can experience the power of this natural ingredient. Simply apply a drop or two to the affected area, rub it until it becomes white, almost like an off-white cream, then leave it and let it do it’s magic.

Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve – 100% Natural and Pure

Dragon's Blood

What is Dragon’s Blood? It is also known as Dragon’s Blood resin. People extract this all-natural resin from various tree species, primarily Croton and Dracaena trees. Due to its remarkable healing powers, people used it extensively throughout history for traditional medicinal applications. Many people have recognized the medicinal attributes of this substance for a long time, and it continues to enjoy great popularity today.

Healing Potential of Dragon’s Blood

For speedy wound healing and Anti-Scarring Dragon’s Blood’s signature trait is its remarkable capacity. Providing an anti-infective barrier over cuts, burns, and other skin injuries while speeding healing time and decreasing scarring. Furthermore, this natural resin aids in diminishing scars leaving behind smoother and rejuvenated skin!

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Savior

Dragon’s Blood contains anti-inflammatory compounds to soothe irritation caused by insect bites, rashes, or acne; additionally, its antioxidant properties provide protection from free radical damage which helps maintain youthful-looking skin and slow the aging processes.

Antibacterial and Natural Remedies

Dragon’s Blood Resin healing salve’s potency as an antibacterial solution makes it the ideal natural treatment for cuts and scrapes, by inhibiting bacteria growth and decreasing infection risks – providing effective care against everyday skin issues.

Attracting Herbal Medicine and Holistic Healing

Amidst an ocean of synthetic skincare products, Dragon’s Blood Resin stands as an oasis of holistic healing. Inspired by herbal medicine principles, its gentle yet its potency makes this salve one that honors traditional practices of health care. When choosing it you are choosing a time-tested remedy with respect for traditional wisdom.

Unlocking Traditional Remedies

Dragon’s Blood has an extensive history spanning different cultures – from Mayans and Chinese medicine, all the way back to modern herbalists – as a proven medicinal solution. Now, with this healing salve available on the market, anyone can harness these age-old remedies.

Natural Skincare

With demand for natural skincare solutions rising steadily, Dragon’s Blood Resin stands as an example of nature providing some of the most potency ingredients to care for our skin. By opting for this product, not only are you taking better care of yourself and protecting the planet – you are making an ecologically conscious choice as well!

How to Apply Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve

Applying this healing salve couldn’t be simpler or more straightforward: simply clean and pat dry the affected area before applying a thin layer of Dragon’s Blood Resin. A drop goes a long way. Apply a drop on the skin and rub it until it becomes a white paste. 

Why choose Original World Beauty?

At Original World Beauty, we take great pleasure in providing high-quality, all-natural products to enhance your well-being. Such as our Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve made of 100% pure resin. We chose to bottle it due to authenticity and effectiveness in every aspect. Nothing else compares.

Add Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve into your skincare regime for the benefits of traditional remedies meeting contemporary needs – say no more synthetic chemicals and embrace nature’s healing power instead!

Unlocking the Natural Benefits of Dragon’s Blood

As part of our earlier exploration of Dragon’s Blood and its remarkable properties, we covered various aspects. But there’s more we can discover about this remarkable natural resin! In this section we will focus on its effects on digestive health; its unique source from palm trees; antioxidant activity as well as how sourcing processes work and incorporation in healing salve products.

Dragon’s Blood and the Digestive System

While Dragon’s Blood is primarily known for its topical applications. Some traditional medical practices have explored its potential as a treatment option for digestive system benefits. Research is ongoing into this natural resin’s possible role in improving digestive health.

Some proponents of herbal medicine believe Dragon’s Blood can assist with digestive comfort. Particularly mild discomfort, although using it should only be undertaken under medical advice. As well as, supervision from healthcare providers.

Dragon’s Blood Is Extracted From Palm Trees

Although commonly associated with plant sources, Dragon’s Blood comes from ancient palm trees such as Dracaena Draco and Daemonorops Draco; known for producing resin. These unique species produce large quantities of Dragon’s Blood resin.

Resin harvesting involves incisions in palm tree bark to release and collect the resin. Sustainable practices is used to extract the resin. Furthermore, the commerce of the resin,  helps the struggling local communities including indigenous locals.

Antioxidant Activities of Dragon’s Blood

Antioxidants are compounds that help the body combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Due to its antioxidant activity, Dragon’s Blood is widely recognized for its impressive anti-aging and rejuvenation capabilities. By making it one of the best-known anti-aging products.

Dragon’s Blood can aid in maintaining youthful, radiant skin by neutralizing free radicals that threaten its vitality and well-being. Used topically as part of a healing salve application, it may reduce signs of aging while simultaneously supporting a vibrant complexion.

Source of Dragon’s Blood Resin

Securing high-grade Dragon’s Blood Resin is crucial for producing this rich healing salve. 

Resin extraction requires expertise to guarantee its purity and potency as a result of collection. Finally creating a healing salve that delivers on its promises of Dragon’s Blood benefits.

Original World Beauty offers Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve that not only benefits you directly from this ancient remedy but also supports responsible sourcing practices. When purchasing our Dragon’s Blood we source responsibly by respecting both nature and traditions that have protected this knowledge for decades.

Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve is an astonishing natural phenomenon. Offering benefits beyond skin health to digestive health and overall well-being. Sourced from palm trees with potency antioxidant activities and meticulous sourcing processes make this product truly remarkable as a holistic healing application. By choosing nature itself for this holistic remedy you are harnessing both traditional remedies and nature itself for holistic well-being.


  1. Can Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve benefit all skin types, even sensitive ones?

Absolutely. Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve is an all-natural, pure product. while it can be used on all skin types, we always recommend conducting a patch test first.

  1. Can Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve be applied to other areas of my body?

Yes. This healing salve may be applied wherever there are skin concerns on any part of the body. Particularly to areas that tend to form scars such as elbows and knees.

  1. How quickly will results appear after using Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve?

While results will depend upon both individual factors and individual skin needs. Many users report significant improvements within a few weeks when taking a regular dosage of this treatment regimen. Consistency is key!

  1. Does Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve Test on Animals?

No, we adhere to cruelty-free practices by not conducting animal trials on our product. As well as prioritizing ethical sourcing/production practices for the production of our product.

  1. Can Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve be applied directly onto open wounds?

Although this product may help reduce scarring, its application on open wounds should not be attempted at this time.

  1. For best results, when should I apply Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve?

Apply 2-3 applications a day as necessary – regular usage should not pose a danger. 

Conclusion of Case.

Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve examined the many advantages of Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve as a remedy with natural healing properties combined with traditional medicinal uses for centuries before modern use. Dragon’s Blood has proven itself an invaluable and versatile remedy against skin ailments of various kinds.

Opting for Original World Beauty’s Dragon’s Blood Resin Healing Salve not only supports your skin health but also embraces herbal medicine and holistic healing philosophies. With 100% natural and pure solutions like these available to you. Original World Beauty provides gentle yet powerful alternatives to synthetic skincare products that work wonders on our bodies!


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